The company ESCORXADOR DE SABADELL, SA, is a company with activity slaughterhouse, cold storage and cutting room. It is a company leader of the meat sector and is aware of the importance of a development sustainable, based on the protection and conservation of the environment.

One of our concerns is ensuring compliance with current legislation and other specific commitments, with the aim of going one step further and establishing protocols own with the application of BAT (Best Available Techniques).

The production center of ESCORXADOR DE SABADELL, SA undertakes to promote ia carry out all necessary efforts to reduce and prevent possible impacts environmental issues arising from the activities that are carried out, through continuous improvements and specific goals defined in the environmental program.

The priority is the implementation of the management tools, which allow us maximum protection of the environment and the prevention of environmental impacts in day-to-day activities. Our commitment is based on:

  • Optimizing water consumption, encouraging and favoring its reuse.
  • Promote recycling and reuse of materials.
  • Optimize and reduce as much as possible the energy consumption derived from the operations carried out by our activity and bet on obtaining energy resources from renewable sources.
  • Minimize the generation of waste, waste water discharges and atmospheric emissions, by carrying out stricter control and monitoring of our activities.
  • Promote the involvement and participation of all workers at all levels.
  • Comply with current environmental legislation, as well as the requirements and expectations of interested parties.
  • Monitor and report consumption of natural resources and waste production for continuous improvement.

To fulfill all these objectives and for a more respectful development with the environment, ESCORXADOR DE SABADELL, SA has implemented a management system environmental based on the ISO 14001:2015 standard, to promote environmental improvement and respect our environment.

Rafael Ylla Juyent
Chief Executive Officer