Quality Guarantee

Quality Certifications

Thanks to HACCP regulatory compliance, we manage to establish a Quality Management System based on continuous improvement based on procedures and technical work instructions.

As a difference from other animal welfare assurance models, audits are based on direct observation of the animal itself through evaluation of 4 principles: good feeding, good housing, good health, and appropriate behavior. Within these 4 principles, we identify 12 different but complementary animal welfare measurement criteria. Each animal species is evaluated according to the Welfare Quality and AWIN® protocols by expert auditors authorized and qualified by the Welfair® scheme

Ecological product management, batch control, and traceability.

Ecological certification guarantees that products have been produced or processed through organic farming standards and that they have been monitored throughout the entire production, processing, packaging, and commercialization process.

Ecologic animal products are those that come from livestock that provides dignified living conditions for the animals and herds, with respect for their biological and behavioral needs. The feed for this livestock is made from organic products.


ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certificate contributes in identification, control and management of all company specific environmental topics. This way our company can identify, control and act constantly to improving our environmental standards, preventing pollution and reducing any environmental impact our activity might produce.

This certificate means also commitment to continued improvement in environmental management, considering topics such as the optimitzation and responsible management of our own assets to reduce waist production and compliance of legal environmental requirements. This way we are setting a trend towards abatement of all environmental impact and any associated risks in case of environmental emergency.

A strict adherence to the halal ritual slaughter process is followed.

The Halal certification process involves the intervention and supervision of Food Safety experts.
The handling of the products we produce, manufacture, and store adheres to the regulations governing the use of the halal guarantee mark of the Islamic Board.

Wastewater treatment plant

We avoid externalities with our own water treatment system. A significant portion of the water we use will be recovered to reduce our ecological footprint.

Cooling of the facilities, which is necessary for proper product preservation, is done using GYCLOR, which involves a waste-free environmental management.

We comply with all animal welfare protocols.

Slaughterhouse services

We mainly offer cattle, sheep and goat maquila services. We guarantee animal welfare throughout the process.

Beef Slaughter


Lamb/Goat Slaughter