Over four decades of experience in animal slaughter

Our meat services

We have facilities available to offer all slaughtering processes as an outsourced service.

We deliver

Livestock unloading

  • We have 1.340 m2 distributed in different stables.
  • 24 / 7 Reception.
  • Constant inspection of facilities and livestock welfare.


Vehicle disinfection

  • Area reserved for cleaning and disinfection of vehicles that unload livestock at Escorxador Sabadell.

Beef/Lamb/Goat Slaughtering

  • Slaughter with animal welfare guarantee.
  • Automated and linear lines with machinery to facilitate channel handling.
  • Classification of beef carcasses according to regulatory homologation.
  • Separation of by-products with automated shipping for good utilization and separation in hygienic conditions.



  • A larger refrigeration space to ensure proper cooling and preservation.

Transport of carcasses

  • Our own and exclusive transport fleet is available for daily deliveries throughout Spain.
  • We provide a service with direct and personalized treatment.